You deserve a career you’re proud of and pays you what you deserve.

For Black Women who are ready for a career with more money, more impact & more peace.

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You’re good at what you do, but being good at your job isn’t getting you the fulfilment or the pay check you want.

Now you’re ready to ditch clocking in and out of a job and build a career you love- and to do that you know you’ll need some help.

Does this sound like you?


you get praise at work but aren't getting a raise


your salary doesn’t match your success or your dream lifestyle


You want to be fulfilled in your career but that isn't your current reality

Now you’re ready to ditch clocking in and out of a job and build a career you love… and to do that you know you’ll need some help.

That’s where I come in.

You need a way to find out the roles and companies that can pay well and match your lifestyle.

You need A system to attract jobs without applying for hundreds and getting exhausted.

You need to know how to use the experience you have to show up as the top candidate at interviews.

You're ready to secure a new job that gives you a salary increase of £10K, £20K, £30K, £40K +

Just know, you’re in the right place.

Hi, I’m Simi!

The career coach that’s going to help you package your skills and experience in the job market and corporate world so you can land the job you want!

I’ve spent over 10 years of my career working with corporates to increase the number of women in their organisation and retain and develop their female talent. After working with over 500 women to build their career, one thing is certain…. Hard work is not enough.

You need a strategy. That’s why I created my signature framework to help women navigate the corporate world, secure new jobs and significantly increase their salaries by £10K, £20K, £30K, £40K+. It’s time for you to make money moves!

You are a woman of value and your employer should treat you like one!

Your career doesn’t reflect the investment you’ve made in your education + development.

What got you into the corporate world, won’t help you grow in the corporate world. More degrees or more years of experience won’t help you build a career you love.

It’s time to go from under valued to in demand with an experienced coach that has been in your shoes before.

A little client love:


Negotiated a £33K salary increase using strategies from the program!

“The program has helped me merge my corporate career and personal business. During the program I was able to get so many recruiters reaching out to me which ultimately helped me land a new role. My highlight of the program was learning how to hone in my strengths and use them in the corporate world. I would recommend this program to someone who needs more guidance and confidence in their career.”

Negotiated a £33K salary increase using strategies from the program!

Pivoted from PR to Tech and secured a £20K salary increase.

“Before working with Simi I knew that I wanted to change career paths, but thought I had to start from scratch, almost disposing of the work experience I had under my belt. During the program I became so confident in communicating my value. I didn’t even apply to get the job, the recruiter reached out to invite me to an interview and I was able to use what I learnt on the program to get a new job in a new industry. Working with Simi has been invaluable”

Seyi K, Marketing Data Analyst

After being denied a raise from her boss, she increased her salary by £25K with a new job.

“Simi delights at seeing others excel and it was no different working with me in her program. The brilliance of the program is that you’re not being asked to be another, but a brilliant, bold and strategic version of yourself to achieve the dreams you desire: with an abundant dose of extremely helpful guidance, support and encouragement.”

Tosin O, Global Product Owner

Want to move to a higher paying and more fulfilling job?

Search To Secured

Search To Secured is a 3 month coaching for Black women who want to move to a more rewarding and flexible job that gives them a £10K to £40K salary increase.

You will learn how to move to a job that pays you what you want in your industry of choice without applying to hundreds of jobs or getting another qualification or degree.


are you ready to…

Finally go from job searching to securing a well paid job?

You know that you are made for more in your career. You need to re-package your skills and experience with a proven process so you can navigate the job market.